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The first sight of Hamham water falls at Rajkandi reserve forest in Sreemangal, Bangladesh

Watch Tinku taking us to the new travel sensation of Bangladesh – Hamham water falls, trekking through the deep of Rajkandi reserve forest in Sreemangal, Bangladesh. Enjoy the beauty of Rajkandi reserve forest and the mighty Hamham.

Entering the Rajkandi reserve forest at Sreemangal in Bangladesh to discover Hamham water falls

First Part of our adventure story at the Rajkandi reserve forest in Sreemangal.

The royal bengal tiger of sundarbans

Mike and his team of naturalists spent 6 months in Sundarbans to explore it’s wildlife. An amazing documentary on Sundarbans.

Life of the forest people of Sundarbans

This video, made by the Ecologist film unit, explores the lives of forest people of Sundarbans and their problems.

Alan Barlow research on Sundarban tigers

British biologist Adam Barlo and expert tracker Mizan Rahman is going to radio-collar a man-eating tiger of Sundarban for the first time. Exert from BBC documentary.