Cox’s Bazar fishing port

Another unique experiment is to spend some time on the fishing port of Cox’s Bazar!  Feel the intense hum of activity going on there, see the hundreds of fishing boats and their welcoming crew and why not spend two days with the fishermen on a fishing trip!

The main jetty

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4 Replies to “Cox’s Bazar fishing port”

  1. Good idea! It could be a thrilling experience going to the open sea with the fishermen. I once went with a fishing boat at Kuakata. Although it was for a few hours, but it was a nice experience watching them catch Hilsha fish.

  2. how would one get to the fishing port? is it close to the main beach? are there are any tour packages or do we need to negotiate directly with the fishermen?

    1. About fishing port, I do not know much. It was written by a LoneRunner. But about going to the open see is easy. If you go to any on-going fishing boat, and request the fisherman to take you with them, they’ll be happy to take you. That is what I did at Kuakata.

  3. Its easy to go to this fishing port. It is situated just outside Cox Bazaar’s airport. For reference : as soon as you come out of the airport just turn left and withinn a few minutes walk you will see the activities starting on your right ! The smell will guide you more easily !

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