Purchasing US Dollar in Bangladesh

There are lots of govt. approved money exchange companies at Dhaka city, mostly at Matijheel, Fakirapool, Dilkusha, and Gulshan area from where foreigners can purchase USD in exchange of Tk.

It is not possible to purchase USD from any bank for a foreigner unless they can prove that they have exchanged the dollars to taka from their bank earlier on. This applies to only tourists and volunteers. As an expat, if you’ve paid in USD to a Bangladeshi foreign currency bank account, you are allowed to withdraw that dollar amount without limitations but only when you can prove you are leaving the country.

Some people reported of being success with waiters at high end hotels willing to exchange USD out of Tk. that they had received in tips. Worth a try.

Also you can give a call to the US embassy. May be they can suggest you some place to get USD. But be extremely careful about any unauthorized person in exchanging currency. Recently some case has been reported about making false USD here. You can be easily cheated.

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Where to purchase pet at Bangladesh

The hobby of keeping pet is becoming more and more popular in Bangladesh. In Dhaka, lots of people keep dove in their building roof in wooden boxes. Keeping aquarium in the drawing-room is also become a commonplace. To meet the demand, there established a big market for trading every kind of birds and animals in Kataban at Dhaka. It is very close to New Market and Shahbag area.

You can purchase many kinds of local and foreign birds and animals in this market. Here is an average price range for common birds and animals you can purchase at this market:

    Where   to purchase pet at Bangladesh

  • Love birds: There are different kinds of love-birds at the whole world. 3/4 types of them you’ll find at the Kataban market. A pair of love-bird is sold here for 400-5,000 Tk.
  • Bargarika bird: 300 Tk/pair.
  • Prince bird: 200-400 Tk/pair.
  • Cockatoo: 800-1,600 Tk/pair
  • Myna: 1,500-5,000 Tk/pair
  • Parrot: Different kinds of parrots are sold at 200-1,000 Tk/pair
  • Pigeon: Different kinds of pigeons are available in the market. Price of them very. A pair of Lakha is sold at 2,000 Tk, Siraji – 2,500 Tk, Magfy – 2,500 Tk, and King pegion 8-10,000 Tk.
  • Rabbit: 400 Tk/pairPet market at Dhaka
  • Dogs of many species are available here. Alsesian – 15-16,000 Tk, Spece – 7-10,000 Tk, Dobarman – 20-25,000 Tk, Boxar – 20-25,000 Tk, Labour dog – 10,000 Tk, Lasa – 8-10,000 Tk.
  • Among the expensive dogs, Fointer – 80-120,000 Tk, Gray and Black hound – 40-70,000 Tk, Red roller – 50-70,000 Tk. Expensive dogs are not kept at the shops for display. After you give order, they’ll supply it within 1-2 weeks.
  • Net for birds are also available here. You’ll find them in the price range of 150-3,000 Tk. Also available is every kind of food for your birds and animals.

Wish this will help you finding your pet in Bangladesh. Have you recently purchased anything from the market? Let us know.

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International schools at Bangladesh for expatriates

Australian International School – Offers the Western Australian curriculum and is supervised by the government of Western Australia, located at Gulshan. Phone: +88-02-9881259, +88-02-8831904 Email: admin@ausisdhaka.net

Canadian international school – Only school in Bangladesh offering a Canadian curriculum as per the rules and regulations set by the Ontario Ministry of Education, located at Banani. Phone: +88-02-8860306, +88-02-9899638 Email: info@canadaeducationbd.com

American International School – An independent, coeducational day school which follows curriculum of the U.S. general academic public schools. Most of the faculties are from USA. Located at Gulshan. Phone: +88-02-8822452 Email: info@ais-dhaka.net

French International School – Curriculum of this school is in accordance with the French Official Directives of National Education, accredited by the French Ministry of National Education. Located at Baridhara. Phone: +88-02-8824056 Email: efid@bol-online.com

Bangladesh International Tutorial – Curriculum complies with London Board for the Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations. Located at Gulshan, Dhaka. Phone: +88-02-8810044, +88-02-9886016

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5 Delicious food in Dhaka you can’t miss on your Bangladesh travel

Bangladesh has a great heritage of food. In the capital city Dhaka, there are some very special food which are cheap, but very rich in taste, and only known to the food-lovers of the city. Here is a list of 5 very special dishes of Dhaka which you won’t want to miss, if you have some time in hand and want to experience the food heritage of the city.

1. Morog-polao of Nanna Biriani:

Best morog-polao at Bangladesh. Morog-polao is a very special food of Bangladesh, specially served at marriage ceremonies or any other big family festivals. “Morog” is chicken, and “polao” is rice cooked in a special way. Morog-polao is specially cooked rice with large portion of chicken, served with a special drink named “borhani”. A very testy and famous food of Bangladesh.

Price: Morog-polao – 80 Tk/plate. Borhani – 15 Tk/Glass

Location: “Nanna Biriani” is a famous restaurant located at old Dhaka. They have four branches there. But to taste the best morog-polao, you have to go to their main branch which is located near “Tara Masjid”. It’s a very famous mosque of Dhaka. Take a rickshaw from any place at old Dhaka and go to Tara Masjid. Ask someone about the restaurent – they’ll show you.

2. Vuna Khichuri of Ghoroa Restaurent:

Vuna khichuri is another famous food of Bangladesh. It is made of rice, dal, and meat – chicken or beef. Rice is cooked dry with dal in a special way, and meat is added with it. This is a very delicious food of Bangladesh. You’ll find the best Vuna Khichuri in Dhaka at Ghoroa Restaurent.

Price: Vuna Khichuri – 120 Tk/plate. Borhani – 15 Tk/glass

Location: Ghoroa restaurent is located in the business heart of the city – Motijheel. From any place at Motijheel, take a rickshaw to Modhumita Cinema Hall. The restaurent is loctated in the same road.

3. Kacci Biriani of Sunami Restora:

Best place to taste biriani at Dhaka

Biriani is the king of every food of Bangladesh. In every big occation in any family, this is a must have food. It is make of specially cooked rice and mutton. If you come to Dhaka and do not taste Biriani from any of the famous restaurent, you’ll miss half of the food culture of Bangladesh. Sunami Restora serves one of the most tasty Biriany of Dhaka.

Price: Kacci Biriani – 85 tk/plate. Borhani – FREE!

Location: Sunami Restora is located at Jhigatola Bus Stand at Dhanmondi. In the bus stand, ask someone about the restaurent – they’ll show you.

4. Beaf stake of Mukta Biriani:

You you are a steak lover, you must taste the beaf stake (“Goru chop” is the local name) of Mukta Restaurent. Speciality of this stake is, it is so spicy and full of masala.

Price: Beaf Stake – 70 Tk/plate. Borhani – 10 Tk/glass.

Location: “Mukta Biriani” is located at Goran Tempu stand. From Malibag, take a rickshaw to “Goran Tempu Stand”. Once there, tell him to go to “Harvanga Road”. Ask someone there about the restaurent.

5. Grilled Chicken of Chhayanir:

Chhayanir makes the best grilled chicken at Bangladesh. It is so tasty that you’ll never forget the taste of it in rest of your life once you taste it here. The chicken is very specially grilled here, and served with their special bread.

Price: Chicken:- Quarter – 40 tk, full – 100 tk. Bread – 7 Tk/pc

Location: It is in the Science Laboratory corner near new market. In science laboratory signal, it is in the east side of the over bridge – a very small shop.

Taste some of the foods in you Bangladesh travel, and let us know how you like it.

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33+ Leading daily newspaper of Bangladesh – Updated list

Leading English newspapers

Online English news sites

Leading Bangla newspapers

Online Bangla news sites

Locally Published Bangla newspapers

  • Sonali Songbad – সোনালী সংবাদ ( রাজশাহী)
  • Sunshine – সানশাইন (রাজশাহী)
  • Noakhali web – নোয়াখালী ওয়েব (নোয়াখালী)
  • Shibchar Sangbad – শিবচর সংবাদ (মাদারীপুর)
  • United News 24 – ইউনাইটেড নিউজ ২৪ (চুয়াডাঙা)
  • Azadi – আজাদী (চট্টগ্রাম)
  • Purbachal – (খুলনা)
  • Barisal News – বরিশাল নিউজ (বরিশাল)

Know any other good newspaper from Bangladesh?

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